About BTL

BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) was developed and is operated by BACnet International to support compliance testing and interoperability testing activities. The BTL oversees operation of the global BACnet product certification program and administers the BTL Working Group (BTL-WG). The BTL is led by the BTL Manager and is assisted by the BTL Technical Advisor.

BTL’s responsibilities and activities include:

  • Develop and maintain the BACnet product test requirements and testing policies
  • Operate the global BTL Certification Program for BACnet
  • Maintain a public listing of BTL Certified products
  • Recognize testing laboratories suitable for certification testing
  • Organize the annual BACnet International sponsored Interoperability Workshop (PlugFest)

For questions, contact Emily Hayes, BTL Manager

BTL-Working Group (BTL-WG)

The core of the BTL is the BTL Working Group with its voluntary members as well as the BTL Manager. The working group was formed by BACnet International to maintain and continuously improve the BACnet conformance certification and listing program.

The BTL Working Group is open to anyone who would like to participate in developing and maintaining the BTL Testing program. Voting members are members of BACnet International and BIG-EU. Voting members are selected from knowledgeable experts in the BACnet community and serve 5-year terms.

The BTL-WG provides oversight and guidance to the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) and certification program for BACnet products. The BTL is responsible for the technical aspects of BACnet International’s testing and listing activities, the central goal of which is to improve BACnet interoperability between building automation products.

The BTL-WG is a technical resource of BTL focused on the real-world interoperability of BACnet products. It is a largely volunteer committee of technical experts that maintains, extends, and enhances the BACnet product test requirements and testing policies. The committee’s responsibilities and actives include:

  • Maintain and publish the BTL Test Package
  • Provide support to the BACnet community when questions arise on the BTL Test Package
  • Asses the technical suitability of applicants for BACnet test organization recognition
  • Monitor the equivalency of results for recognized test organizations
  • Organize the annual BACnet International PlugFest, a face-to-face Interoperability workshop
BTL-Working Group Regular Meetings:

BTL Working Group meetings are open to all interested in BTL Testing. These are held every other Thursday, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm ET.
Please contact the BTL-WG Chair for meeting connections.

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