Pre-Testing Tools

  • Test Frameworks
  • BACnet Client Software
  • BACnet Protocol Analyzers
  • BACnet Device Simulators
  • General Tools
  • Reference BACnet Routers
  • Reference BACnet MS/TP Masters

These lists are provided as a convenience only. They represent a sampling of available resources and are not intended to be complete. No recommendation, endorsement or any form of warranty is implied or provided by BTL or BACnet International for any of the items in these lists.

If you have a tool that you would like listed here, please contact the Emily Hayes, BTL Manager.

Test Frameworks

  • BACnet Test Client – Test your BACnet Device to reveal conformance and interoperability issues.
  • BOTS (BACnet OEM Test Shell) – a Windows based tool for automated BACnet product regression testing
  • Frontline Serial Test – Serial Analyzer which can be used for MS/TP testing
  • The BACnet Test Framework (BTF) – Is intended to provide script-based testing for BACnet-components. BTF comes with a powerful API covering more than 370 BACnet functions. It includes the free Python programming language as well as a .Net based user-interface and support for Microsoft SQL-Server database. Please note that some editions are complimentary or discounted for BACnet International corporate members.
  • Visual Test Shell (VTS) – an open-source test framework for BACnet. Supports customizable test scripts.

BACnet Client Software

BACnet Protocol Analyzers

  • BACtrace – BACnet packet capture and protocol analyzer for MS/TP
  • BAS-o-matic – Protocol Analyzer which can be used for IP, Ethernet or MS/TP captures
  • WireShark – Protocol Analyzer which can be used for IP, Ethernet or MS/TP captures

BACnet Device Simulators

  • BACsim– a Windows server based BACnet device simulator for Windows
  • BOSS – Softdel Prime’s PR19 compliant BACnet Simulator (BOSS) monitors, debugs and simulates multiple virtual BACnet devices of different profiles on single desktop
    • BOSS is a must-have for effective troubleshooting of BACnet networks.
    • Use Cases:
    • Create multiple virtual BACnet IP devices and simulate functionalities like Scheduling, Trending, Alarms, COV that help product development & testing
      • Build an environment for performance testing, to see how your devices work in heavy BACnet traffic by simulating virtual BACnet IP devices with 10,000 Object instances.
      • Interact with MS/TP devices in the network, using a MS/TP to IP router, if present in the network
      • Access devices from multiple BACnet IP networks through the BBMD and Foreign Device Functionality
    • BOSS is exclusively available on Softdel Prime.
    • With Softdel Prime, enjoy preferred access to World-class B-IoT consulting services, BACnet tools & training, and cutting-edge thought leadership.

General Tools

  • PicoScope 2204 – An oscilloscope useful for verifying MS/TP timing during BTL Testing
  • UBS to RS485 Adapter – A bi-directional USB-powered RS485 to USB converter with built-in 120-ohm termination option, which makes a half-duplex RS485 available to a PC via the USB port
  • U+4 USB to BACnet MS/TP Interface  –  Can be used with WireShark or BAS-o-matic to watch BACnet traffic on the MS/TP network

Reference BACnet Routers

  • Any BTL listed router may be used as a reference router.

Reference BACnet MS/TP Masters

  • Any BTL listed MS/TP master device may be used as a reference master.