Test Documentation

BTL developed a rigorous process to ensure all products are tested to the highest standard of quality. Several procedures were put in place to provide you with the tools and documentation to get your products ready for successful testing as a base for certification.

  • BTL Testing Policies
  • BTL Implementation Guidelines
  • BTL Test Package Overview
  • Current BTL Test Package
  • Overview of Test Package Documents
  • BTL Package Clarification Requests

BTL Testing Policies

A comprehensive document of the policies for testing products with the BTL Test Package

BTL Implementation Guidelines

To improve interoperability, the BTL Implementation Guidelines document presents options and capabilities as recommended guidelines for all BACnet implementers. It also presents guidelines to avoid mistakes made in the past by new BACnet implementers.

BTL Test Package Overview

The BTL Test Package contains testing procedures to be used by manufacturers to pre-test products for BACnet compliance and to be used by Recognized BACnet Test Organizations (RBTOs)

The BTL Test Package name designates the revision of the BACnet standard (or protocol_revision) that the BTL Test Package targets. BTL Testing for lower revision levels can also be tested using the BTL Test Package. Higher revision levels will use the current Test Package but may also require some additional tests from an Interim Tests document.

Current BTL Test Package

Published 14-February-2024. Current Test Package documents.

Fix addenda that must be applied to BTL Test Package 23.3-v2

Interim Tests for functionality not covered by the current BTL Test Package. The appropriate test for any given device will be determined by the BTL Manager.

BTL Clarification Responses that should be considered when applying the BTL Test Package 23.3.

Addenda that will be applied to Test Package 23.3 for the next test package.

The BTL Test Package contains a series of documents available for pre-testing as well as for BTL Testing at an RBTO:

Getting Started Guide:

The BTL Getting Started Guide provides a general overview of the documents, tools, and process for pretesting a BACnet device for the BTL’s product testing and listing program.

BTL Checklist:

The BTL Functionality Checklist identifies the testable options implemented by the IUT (Implementation Under Test). The table is divided into sections by functionality. RBTOs use the BTL Checklist to determine an estimate for BTL Testing time and cost.

BTL Manual Testing:

The BTL Manual Testing document describes how to manually apply the BTL tests for situations where scripting and other automated procedures do not apply or cannot be applied.

BTL Specified Tests:

The BTL Specified Tests document contains tests defined by the BTL that are not included in ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135.1-2019 or are modified versions of tests in 135.1. These tests are used by the BTL testing process and are referenced by the BTL Test Plan document.

BTL Test Plan:

The BTL Test Plan describes each functional item that the BTL will test and identifies the tests that will be used for each item. Each test plan item in this document corresponds to a line item in the BTL Checklist. It provides a more detailed description of the functional item, and the tests that the BTL will use to ensure the proper implementation of the functional item.

BTL Testing Guide:

The BTL Testing Guide provides a detailed walk through of the application of the BTL test suite on an IUT. This guide is intended to help in the preparation of a BACnet device for official BTL testing and/or to improve the in-house testing of BACnet devices.

IUT Special Test Instructions:

The IUT Special Test Instructions form is filled out by the applicant to inform the BTL tester how to make the IUT perform specific operations required for testing. The applicant will fill out this form during the test planning phase, or during the pre-test phase with instructions that the BTL will require in order to test the IUT.


The purpose of fix addenda is to present current changes being made to the BTL Test Package. These modifications are the result of change proposals made pursuant to the continuous maintenance procedures and of deliberations within the BTL-WG Committee. Note: Changes identified in fix addenda must be applied to the Test Package for BTL Testing.

BTL Package Clarification Requests

For clarification on specific aspects of the BTL Test Package, please submit a BTL Clarification Request form to the BTL Manager.

BTL Clarification Request Archive Responses

The results of these BTL Clarification Requests are not necessary for consideration when applying the current BTL Test Package.













For general questions concerning BTL Testing, please contact Emily Hayes, BTL manager.