BTL Distributor Certification

The BTL Mark provides assurance to customers, end-users and building owners/operators on product quality, interoperability in a multi-vendor environment and lower integration costs.

A company that distributes a re-branded or private label version of a Certified product can only use the BTL Mark by obtaining a BTL Distributor Certification for the product. The distributor or third party manufacturer can apply to be listed in the official BTL Listing of Tested Products Database (for an annual non-member fee or complimentary through a BACnet International corporate membership).

The application process is simplified as all required testing has been done prior and the manufacturer only needs to obtain and primarily submit the original manufacturer BTL certification product information.

For this the following documents are needed:

  • A copy of the original manufacturer’s BTL Listing
  • The Distributor’s Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)
  • Product Image – if the third party manufacturer is a BACnet International Corporate Member.
  • Product Description – if the third party manufacturer is a BACnet International Corporate Member.
  • The BTL OEM Product Attestation Form Ensure both companies, OEM and third part manufacturer, are signing the form!

BTL Certification Application

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