Certification Application

To apply for a new BTL Certification or change an existing BTL Certification or BTL Listing, a manufacturer will need to fill out and submit the required application form. Several documents are required to be submitted along with the application.

A company may apply for a BTL Certification for the tested and/or additional products and models of the same product family as long as these product/models share the same tested BACnet Stack.

Documentation required for the BTL Certification Application:

Listing Removal

If you would like to remove your BTL Certification or BTL Listing, please submit a Listing Removal form.

BTL Listing Removal Form

Additional Documentation

An attestation must be submitted for any products/models/version changes not identified on the FTR. The need for an attestation will be determined by BTL after a BTL Certification application is received.

BTL Product Attestation Forms

If certifying a derived product or an OEM derived product, you will be asked to complete one of the following attestation forms, in addition to completing the online BTL Certification Application Form. 

For questions, please contact the BTL Certifications and Listings Manager.