About Testing

BACnet is the global standard for interoperable building automation solutions, and it works best when all products in a system are correctly implemented. Ensuring products are correctly implemented is the responsibility of product developers, and the mission of the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) is to validate that it is done correctly. To do that, the BTL develops and maintains an industry-standard suite of tests and a set of testing policies. The BTL issues BTL certificates to products that successfully complete independent testing in accordance with the BTL Test Package. Certified products can be found in the online BTL Listing Database.

1. Internal Testing (pre-testing)

Manufacturers are responsible for extensive pre-testing of their devices prior to submission to a Recognized BACnet Testing Organization (RBTO). There is a range of resources focused on the development of BACnet products available to BACnet developers and manufacturers. Additionally, the BTL Test Package, used by all RBTOs for BTL Testing, is available to developers for their own internal pre-testing.

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2. Device Testing

Manufacturers must have their product tested at one of the RBTOs (Recognized BACnet Testing Organization). Test organizations are carefully evaluated by the BTL before being granted the RBTO designation.  Contact information for all RBTOs can be found on the Device Testing page. The RBTO will provide the manufacturer with a final test report when BTL Testing has been successfully completed. This report is needed as part of the Certification application.

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